How it works

  • Automated Giving

    Recurring monthly donations let you set it and forget it, while helping create stability for the charities you love.

  • Impact Reports

    We’ll update you on where your donations go and which projects and programs you are helping sustain.

  • Tax Receipts

    We are a fully tax-deductible 501c3, and we send your tax receipts right to your inbox.

  • Inspire your friends

    Inspire your loved ones to create their own automated funds and we’ll add $36 to your fund, and theirs, immediately.

Your tzedakah. Your priorities.

Set up your charitable giving fund one time, and never forget to give ever again. You decide how much you want to donate each month, and we divide that amount amongst the charities you choose, allocating each dollar to the causes that embody your multi-faceted values. It’s simple, meaningful and free: 100% of your donation goes to the charities you care about.

You are empowered to give smarter, give meaningfully and make a lasting impact with each of your dollars.


  • “My Tzedakah Fund reminded me that giving tzedakah isn’t just about the one-time donations to whichever charity my friend is raising money for, it’s about making a serious commitment to providing for the welfare of others as much as I do for myself and my family." -Immanuel S.

  • “Before MTF, I gave tzedakah passively. Now, I choose where my money goes with thought and I keep up with where my money is going. Now, I feel like a partner in providing for the future of the Jewish people.” -Lea G.

  • “I care deeply about women’s issues, Israel defense and the welfare of Jewish children. My Tzedakah Fund pushes me to hold myself accountable to make good on the things that matter to me." -Jessica R.